Back Pain & Sciatica

An individual’s spine is broken down into five regions; the Cervical Spine (neck region), Thoracic Spine (middle-back region), Lumbar Spine (lower-back region), Sacrum (buttocks region), and the Coccyx (tail bone). Studies show that nearly 90% of cases involving lumbar pain or lower back pain, result in Sciatica Pain.

Sciatica Pain can happen when there’s a displaced disc in the lumbar region, as well as, pinching of nerves. Most individuals report symptoms of radiating pain, stemming from the lower back down the back side of one leg, frequently causing numbness or tingling into the foot. Sciatica is not permanent and can easily be managed through adjustments in the lower spine and physical therapy.

Dr. Rollman at Complete Wellness Center of Orange City can help relieve back and sciatica through chiropractic adjustment and other manual therapies. To schedule an appointment today, please call (386) 775-6879.

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