Back Pain & Sciatica

Chiropractic for Sciatica & Back Pain

Back and sciatica pain is a part of life for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. Up to 80 percent of adults report back pain during their lifetime, and for some, this pain becomes a part of daily life. Complete Wellness Center of Orange City has been taking away this pain for more than 20 years. If you suffer from back pain or sciatica, call us today to begin living a pain-free life.

Don’t Let Back Pain & Sciatica Lessen Your Quality of Life

Whether the pain you feel is dull and constant, or fleeting but intense, it can impact your quality of life. Many patients take over-the-counter painkillers or receive a prescription from their doctor. Others may turn to exercise, heating pads, and other forms of self-treatment but find relief is only temporary. Before you reach this point, consider the many benefits of chiropractic treatment in Orange City.

Alleviate Back Pain With Chiropractic Treatment

An individual’s spine has five regions: the cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (mid-back), lumbar spine (lower-back), sacrum (buttocks), and the coccyx (tailbone). Though the lower back region is often associated with back pain, any of the regions could need treatment. Orange City chiropractic treatments are a common conventional treatment to back pain, especially low back pain. Using spinal manipulation and mobilization, we are able to stimulate, adjust, mobilize, and massage the spinal area to alleviate pain. What techniques we use depends on your body’s needs following an evaluation.

Chiropractic Treatment in Orange City Lessens Sciatica Pain

Studies show that nearly 90 percent of cases involving lower back pain results in sciatica pain. Sciatica pain is possible when a disc displaces in the lumbar region or nerves are pinched. Most individuals report symptoms of radiating pain. This starts in the lower back down the backside of one leg, causing numbness or tingling in the foot. Sciatica is not permanent and is easily managed through lower spine adjustments and physical therapy.

What Is The Sciatic Nerve?

The longest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve runs along each side of the lower spine into the back of the thigh, continuing into the foot. It is made of nerve roots extending from the sciatic nerve itself. When these roots become pinched, compressed, or otherwise irritated is when you’ll notice the sensations of sciatica.

Common Sciatica Treatments

An Orange City chiropractor will choose an appropriate treatment based on the underlying cause of your sciatica pain. They will also take into account the severity of the pain. The focus of spinal adjustments and manipulations done to treat sciatica is to better align the spinal column. This eases stress placed on the sciatic nerve roots and spinal column as a whole.

Your chiropractor may also recommend massage therapy, over-the-counter or prescription medications for pain management, and heat and/or ice packs. Any recommendations are made following a thorough evaluation and discussion with you to determine the most appropriate treatment for your situation.

Complete Wellness Center of Orange City

The pain commonly associated with back issues and the sciatic nerve doesn’t have to be a part of your everyday life. Patients have turned to a chiropractor in Orange City with Complete Wellness Center of Orange City for years. Dr. Rollman at Complete Wellness Center of Orange City can help relieve back and sciatica through chiropractic adjustment and other manual therapies. Schedule your appointment today!