One of the most frustrating things about weight loss regimens is when you hit that plateau and can’t lose any more weight no matter what you try. It can be very disheartening and has been known to discourage people enough that they simply give up. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Medically-supervised weight loss can help you lose those last few stubborn pounds safely and effectively for the long-term.

Hitting The Wall

Hitting a wall in your weight loss program, or plateauing, can happen for many reasons, but it usually has to do with your metabolism. All along, as you’ve been losing weight, your metabolism has been declining. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, your metabolism is burning much fewer calories than it did when you were at your heaviest. A slower metabolism slows weight loss, even when you are still on your reduced calorie diet. Eventually, the number of calories you burn is equal to the number of calories you eat and you hit that wall.

To move past this weight loss plateau, you need to further decrease your calories or increase your physical activity to burn more calories. If you don’t make any changes to your existing program, you can maintain your weight, but won’t lose anymore.

Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Helps People At All Levels Of Fitness

The medically-supervised weight loss program at The Complete Wellness Center of Orange City can help you get past this plateau by providing you with guidance on how to safely achieve your final goals. This gentle guidance can be just what you need to fine-tune your efforts and meet your weight loss goals.

Our program was designed to help people at all levels of fitness achieve their weight-loss goals. Many people think they have to be severely obese or have a medical condition that makes dieting and exercise especially difficult in order to take advantage of medically-directed weight loss, but that is not true at our clinic!

We provide nutritional counseling and customized medical and diet plans based on your age, body type, goals, and lifestyle to set you up for success. We work with people who want to lose weight after a lifetime of being overweight, after illness or injury, and even those who are just tired of seeing the scale creep higher every year. We are here to help anyone who wants to lose weight – that includes people who have been successfully dieting on their own but have suddenly hit a wall.

To learn more about medically-supervised weight loss at Wellspring Health, contact us at 386-775-6879 to schedule an evaluation.