Massage therapy is a wonderfully effective tool for relaxation and stress reduction, but it is also a highly effective treatment for injury recovery, medical conditions, and chronic pain relief. Wellspring Health offers several different types of massage to ease our clients aches and pains and support healing. A consultation with our Orange City chiropractor is the best way to determine which type of massage will most benefit you, but here’s a quick look at our options.

Massage Therapy Options

  • Swedish Massage. This is the most common and well-known type of massage, perfect for newcomers or those who don’t get massages very often. A Swedish Massage will incorporate many different techniques to provide all-over soft tissue and muscle tension release to support overall health and wellness. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and energized with a reduction in tension-related pain and discomfort.
  • Deep Tissue. A Deep Tissue Massage is slower, more targeted, and more forceful than a Swedish Massage. The intent is to get at the deeper muscles and connective tissues (fascia) to relax and loosen them. It is often used to address chronic aches and pain or for recovery after injuries as it is very effective at breaking up scar tissue and “knots”.
  • Sports Massage. Sports Massages are similar to Swedish Massages in that they both use firm, repetitive strokes to refresh and loosen tight muscles, particularly in areas where muscles, tendons, and joints meet. Sports Massage are used to both heal and prevent injuries in athletes and for that reason may focus only on the area of the body that athlete uses a lot.
  • Prenatal Massage. Prenatal Massage is an excellent way to promote circulation, relieve joint stress, and to relieve pregnancy discomforts like back pain, headaches, leg swelling, or stiff necks. Massages are customized to the mother’s specific needs or discomforts and special cushions and pillows are used to alleviate strain on the lower back and abdomen during the massage.

Join Our Massage Club For Therapeutic Benefits All Year Long

Regular massages help reduce stress and muscle tension and help you stay healthy. The Complete Wellness Center of Orange City has made it easier for you to support your health with massage through our massage club. Click here to learn more about the club or call 386-775-6879 to speak with a massage therapist.