Even though car accidents happen in the blink of an eye, recovery for those who have been injured in car accidents takes much, much longer. While bumps and bruises fade quickly and outward injuries appear to heal in weeks, it is the hidden injuries that can make life miserable accident victims.

Hidden Injuries Are A Major Pain

What do we mean by hidden injuries? These are injuries to the soft tissues, ligaments, muscles, and joints that do not show any outward sign of injury. There aren’t any broken bones, contusions, cuts, or scrapes to provide evidence of the injury. As a result, these types of injuries are often overlooked by the medical community. But those hidden injuries can be a major source of pain and dysfunction. Sometimes, these injuries are so invisible that the injured patient doesn’t even realize there has been an injury until years later when headaches, muscle imbalances, joint problems, or back pain start to become troublesome.

Chiropractors Look For And Treat Hidden Injuries

Chiropractors look for these hidden injuries, especially when they know that the patient has been involved in a car accident. The human body goes through structural shifting in a car accident simply from the force of impact. This shifting can affect the spinal column, neck, shoulders, ribs, hips, or elbows to limit mobility and function or cause outright pain.

Chiropractors use x-rays, patient history, and a physical exam to diagnose hidden injuries that may be causing your pain or dysfunction. Chiropractic care utilizes gentle manipulations, massage, and stretching to restore the body to its optimum positioning. This relieves the stress and strain put on the injured part, reducing inflammation, and eventually relieving pain without the need for surgery or prescription medications.

Visit The Complete Wellness Center Of Orange City After A Car Accident For A Complete Checkup

After any immediate injuries like broken bones or concussions have been treated, schedule a consultation with The Complete Wellness Center of Orange City for a chiropractic exam. This exam will assess your body function and mobility to uncover any hidden injuries that could cause you problems if left untreated.

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