Car Accident Treatments

Car Accident Injury Treatments in Orange City, FL

Many people experience back and/or neck pain following an auto accident, even at low speeds. This pain is often associated with whiplash or a sustained spinal injury. Before you resign yourself to living with the pain or filling a prescription, consider chiropractic treatment in Orange City. The doctors at Complete Wellness Center of Orange City specialize in the treatment of these injuries.

We Treat Car Accident Injuries

A car accident can change your life in an instant. Even if you’re at fault, your car insurance has provisions to get you back on your feet, but only if you take action. Regardless of severity, it's important to seek medical care after involvement in an automobile accident. Medical professionals assess you for any potential injuries you may have sustained. The body’s musculoskeletal system can be severely affected, adding to the mental stress of handling a traumatic event. If untreated, these mental and physical strains on the body can result in serious permanent injuries later on.

How an Orange City Chiropractor Helps After a Car Accident

Too often people turn to prescriptions and over-the-counter medications following a car accident. By getting chiropractic treatment in Orange City, you begin healing and recovering without masking pain and injuries with medications. Here are three ways we take patients back to their pain-free days.

Pain Relief

Some of the pain after a car accident comes from injuries to soft tissue. These injuries can affect any blood vessel, cartilage, ligament, muscle, nerve and/or tendon. A common belief is that soft-tissue injuries can take months to heal, but working with an Orange City chiropractor speeds up the process. Using a combination of chiropractic care, rehabilitative exercises, and other personalized treatments, we reduce your pain and return your life to normal.

Restores Mobility

Being sore and stiff following an automobile accident doesn’t have to be permanent in your life. The staff at Complete Wellness Center of Orange City works with you to get you and keep you moving. Regaining a full range of motion as soon as you can is key to preventing scar tissue development.

Support for Long-Term Healing

Following a car accident, your muscles lose strength as you rest in an attempt to heal. But the loss of muscle strength, especially around the spine, raises your risk of reinjuring the area. A chiropractor in Orange City employs rehabilitative exercises to improve flexibility and strengthen the spinal area. Along with restrengthening the injured areas, patients often find their body's general flexibility improves, too.

Turn To Complete Wellness Center of Orange City After A Car Accident

We understand how important it is to reduce physical and mental pain after a car accident. When you choose the Complete Wellness Center of Orange City, you're choosing a caring and compassionate staff whose goal is to return your life to you, free of pain. Call us today to begin a personalized recovery process with lasting results.

Top-Rated Orange City Auto Accident Doctor

Our premier chiropractic care and wellness services can aid in the recovery from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Our chiropractic staff specializes in treating and managing pain throughout the rehabilitation process. Find out why people have turned to us for more than 20 years for chiropractic treatment in Orange City following a car accident.

Experienced Auto Accident Doctor

Most individuals don’t receive the proper medical care to treat any soft or hard tissue problems resulting from auto accident trauma. Dr. Rollman is a car accident specialist, experienced in treating various auto accident injuries. Complete Wellness Center of Orange City conducts a comprehensive evaluation to create a personalized treatment plan. With personalized attention and treatment, you'll find your auto accident recovery is thorough and swift.