Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Testing in Orange City, FL

Complete Wellness Center of Orange City is proud to offer an array of in-office diagnostic services.

  • In-office X-rays: Not only can our doctors at CWC review X-rays, but we can take them as well. Our office is equipped with an X-ray machine that allows us to potentially diagnose your condition in minutes instead of days.
  • Nerve Conduction Studies & Electromyography (NCV/EMG): A test that measures the speed of conduction that an electrical impulse has through an individual’s nerve. This test is used to diagnose nerve damage or destruction.
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK US): This form of imaging uses sound waves to create pictures of tendons, muscles, joints, and ligaments throughout the body. Ultrasound is commonly used to diagnose strains, tears, or sprains; in addition to other soft tissue injuries.
  • Range of Motion (ROM) & Manual Muscle Testing (MMT): We can digitally and manually measure and quantify movement and strength, as well as assess joint integrity and flexibility.
  • We can also order Blood Work, MRI & CT Scans when medically necessary and appropriate for your situation.