Knee & Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic for Knee & Shoulder Pain

Knee and/or shoulder pain can quickly go from an aggravating nuisance to inhibiting daily life. Many people turn to over-the-counter and prescribed medications or surgical solutions to resolve the pain. But when you visit a chiropractor in Orange City for knee and shoulder pain, you’ll find a personalized and effective alternative to traditional medical treatments.

Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can develop at any age for nearly any reason. Yet, arthritis is one of the common reasons behind chronic knee and shoulder pain. Joints can become arthritic over time and cause discomfort. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints that causes pain and stiffness. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis commonly found in the knee that occurs when flexible tissue at the end of bones wears down. This wear in the joint leads to decreased cushion and increased friction which can cause pain.

Common Knee Injuries

Knees are generally a strong and sturdy part of your body, but they are more prone to injury than most people realize. When a knee injury occurs, it’s usually one of these common injuries.


Your knee joint is formed by three bones, the thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia), and kneecap (patella). When a fracture occurs, it’s most often the patella, but the ends of the femur and tibia can also break. Generally it takes a fall from a significant height or a car accident to cause a fracture in the knee.


A knee dislocation happens when the bones in the structure are either completely or partially out of place. In most cases, it occurs from sports-related contact, a fall, or car accident. However, if your knee has an abnormal structure, a dislocation can happen from a less impactful event.

Meniscus and Tendon Tears

Between the femur and tibia are two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage called the meniscus. It cushions and stabilizes the joint and is relatively durable. The meniscus can tear during sports-related activity as you twist, cut, pivot, or are tackled, or due to arthritis and/or aging.

Tendons in your knee connect the quadriceps muscle in your thigh to the patella, while the patellar tendon connects the patella to the shinbone. Tendon injuries and tears are more common in older adults who engage in running or jumping sports, with falls, landing awkwardly from a jump, or suffering direct force to the front of the knee.

Ligament Injuries

The four ligaments in your knee hold the bones of the knee to one another. When one or more of the ligaments is strained or torn, the stability of your knee is affected.

Common Knee Injury Symptoms

Though a knee injury can vary from a strain to a complete tear or break, symptoms of an injury are often the same and include:

  • Pain that increases with activity
  • Swelling
  • Popping, cracking, or snapping noises
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Tenderness on the surface of knee

Shoulder Pain

Individuals who suffer from shoulder discomfort or pain may find relief with chiropractic and proper care. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and surrounded by nerves. If these nerves or tendons around the joint become irritated or shift out of alignment this can cause discomfort. Moderate adjustments to the shoulder can be performed and relieve pain from the shoulder. Adjustments from an Orange City chiropractor, along with proper exercise and stretching, can help irritated shoulders recover in a reasonable amount of time.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries fall into one of two common areas, acute or overuse injuries.

Overuse Shoulder Injuries

Overuse shoulder injuries occur when the shoulder is overworked in a single activity or through repetition, or the joint and/or surrounding tissue receive too much stress from an activity. This type of injury builds over time, making it hard to pinpoint where the injury occurred.

Acute Shoulder Injuries

Acute, or sudden, shoulder injuries are accompanied by sudden and severe pain. Bruising and swelling usually develop soon after falling on an outstretched arm, twisting or bending the shoulder in an unnatural way, or a direct hit to it.

Common Shoulder Pain Symptoms

The symptoms of shoulder pain may vary depending on the type of shoulder injury you’ve suffered. The pain itself may be dull and achy or sharp and severe. Yet, the most common shoulder pain symptoms include:

  • Inability to move shoulder or visible distortion of the shoulder.
  • Numbness and weakness;
  • Bruising and swelling;
  • Pain and tenderness;

Orange City Chiropractic Treatment for Knee & Shoulder Pain

Complete Wellness Center of Orange City understands how important it is to have a full range of pain-free motion in your shoulder and knee every day. Every injury is different which means we treat each knee and shoulder injury with a treatment plan specifically for you and your body. Don't go through another day with knee and shoulder pain, contact a chiropractor Orange City residents trust with Complete Wellness Center of Orange City.