Burn Fat Today Lose Up to 30lbs. in 30 Days

two women measuring weight loss

Have traditional dieting and wellness programs failed to help you lose weight? Consider a medically supervised weight loss program that will help you lose the weight you have always wanted to. We at Wellspring Health in Orange City have and 30 and 60-Day weight loss programs that are custom designed for your age, body type, goals, and lifestyle.

Take control of your weight loss and fitness goals today with our medically supervised weight loss program consisting of the following*:

  • A Comprehensive Medical Evaluation
  • Routine Blood Work
  • A Customized Medical and Diet Plan
  • A Comprehensive Nutrition Program
  • Access to our Doctors and Staff

*Results are typical and may vary by individual.

When you work with our doctors you can expect the following

  • Increased energy that will help you get rid of unwanted weight.
  • An increased ability to control your hunger and cravings
  • Safe and rapid weight loss
  • Short and Long-term Weight Loss
  • A Doctor and support staff to help you through the entire program