Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

Athletes are constantly pushing themselves to new limits and breaking records. When these new heights are reached and the human body is pushed to its limits, injuries often occur. Regardless of how dedicated athletes are to taking care of their bodies, injuries are expected when one’s body is pushed to such extremes.

CWC owner Dr. Lenny Rollman was an athlete himself and sustained a back injury at a young age while playing lacrosse. Dr. Rollman specializes in the evaluation and treatment of sport related injuries. Dr. Rollman treats sport related injuries comprehensively by looking at the body as an integrated system and analyzing the joints, muscles, nerves and tendons as one. Proper chiropractic care will ensure you recover properly from your sport injury and are back on top in no time.

If you’ve sustained sport related injuries and would like help with recovery please call today to schedule an appointment.